Disadvantages of night eating – You may want to stop after reading this


What is the problem with a bit of a snack in the middle of the night? You may ask. It may seem like an innocent act to eat late night. Unknown to you, a lot of damage is being done to your body and health.

So, what are disadvantages of night eating?

Interrupted sleeping cycle

Once you eat late at night, digestion will take place. This will interrupt your sleep. You will spend the better part of the night awake. It is in the morning that you will feel the urge to sleep more. You will always wake up with fatigue and a lazy body. Since sleep is important to your health, it is the last things you would want to lose.

Unhealthy weight gain

hgdhdd64During the day, you are active. The food you eat will be digested at a fast rate. Come night, and your metabolism slows down. When you take food at late night, it will take longer to be digested. This food will cause weight to pile on your body. If you continue on this path, research indicates that you will finally be obese.

In fact, this is what explains why the least active people end up being obese. Since at night you will not be doing much physical activity you will face the same risk.

Stress is taking the center stage

Eating late at night does not necessary mean you are hungry. It is stress cheating your body into it. If stress keeps on pounding on you, eating late into the night will become a trend. You should find a way to shake it off. Stress can really be damaging and eating this late is just the beginning.

More urine and excretion

Well, since you are eating at this ungodly hour you should be ready for the immediate end results. You will urinate and excrete more frequently. Your sleep will be interrupted, and you do not want to go this way. Constant sleep interruption will result in more stress and more health challenges.

No chance for balanced diet

At night, you will just eat whatever is in your refrigerator. It does not matter whether it is healthy or not. You intend to have a full stomach. You will lose track of your healthy eating. It will be a difficult journey getting back on track since this is not an easy habit to shake off.

Increased acid reflux

ghdghdd64Eating processed foods are bound to cause you acid reflux. Since at night you are not able to make a proper meal, you will tend to rely more on snacks. These are heavily processed foods, and acid reflux will become your normalcy. And if you do not stop, the acidity can become a big health problem.

After reading this, you should stop eating late into the night. While you thought you are doing your body some favor, you are putting your health in danger. Ensure you eat adequately before you sleep. Do not miss on daytime meals for they may be the reason you have that food craving in the dead of the night.